US Marines are known and respected the world over for their leadership ability. How do they do it? What do they know that enables them to be such successful leaders on active duty and then in the civilian sector? This book reveals the nine essential behaviors that make up the foundation of leadership. The experiences shared in over one hundred interviews with current and former Marines illustrate the importance of balancing the elements of influence and control. Each chapter is loaded with examples of what this leadership looks like, and how to do it in the trenches, on the shop floor, and in the office. While other books talk about having a strategy, NO YELLING shows you how to execute the strategy and accomplish the mission with your people.
1. Integrity
2. Technical Competence
3. Set the Example
4. Self-awareness
5. Take Care of People
6. Make New Leaders
7. Commander’s Intent
8. Culture and Values
9.Rehearsals and Debriefs

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